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Let me help you become an IT Superhero! As a Senior Dell EMC Product Manager at Vista IT Group, I am tasked with building out an inventory that best represents what our End User customers, Vars and Resellers, and broker customers most need or want. I often look at large buys, assign values, and bring them into our inventory. Helping our sales team come up with the best Dell solutions for their customers. I also manage a group of customers, where I help them solve problems using my extensive knowledge of the Dell portfolio. I have been in the technology industry for more than 13 years and am ready to help you save money on your next technology purchase.
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Five Ways to Reduce IT Spend in 2020

Posted by Melissa Scheidel on Sep 21, 2020 9:46:43 AM

I recently read an article from Gartner on how to reduce IT spend. Although, they had some great points, I think they missed a mark on a few key way to save money. Today, IT budgets are being pinched, and many companies are asking their IT Departments to do more with less. To help with this ongoing challenge, here are five ways to stretch your IT Budget:

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