Helping Remote Workers Stay Secure

Posted by Vista IT Group on Apr 1, 2020 8:42:04 AM

Working remotely may seem to be just a “change in scenery” but really, it’s so much more. In the old days (pre COVID-19) for a hacker to find a vulnerable remote worker to exploit, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Now, with so many people working remotely, it’s like looking for hay in a haystack - and any old piece of hay will do. It’s not a matter of if a cyber criminal will attempt to exploit your company’s remote workforce, it’s a matter of when. Will you be ready?

5 Ways Remote Workers Can Improve Security

  1. Secure your router: Change default Wi-Fi Router passwords, Enable WPA-2 or high encryption (use a strong WEP password at a minimum), and ensure your local router firmware is updated.

  2. Update the software on all devices connected to your home networkRemote-24-7.

  3. Do not let anyone else use your work computer, and if you step away from your 
    computer, lock it (a trick is to hold the Windows button and hit the “L” key).

  4. Do not save documents locally to your computer. Instead, save them your corporate file server or OneDrive if your company has it.

  5. Do not click on suspicious emails or links on the internet, and do not download or install any new software unless it is cleared by your IT department. If something looks suspicious or seems strange it probably is.

Vista Can Help Companies Stay Secure Too
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Not Convinced?
Still skeptical about whether cybercriminals are something you should be preparing for? Check out this article from one of our security partners:

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