How IT Departments Can Ensure Security of Remote Workers

Posted by Vista IT Group on Apr 6, 2020 11:32:01 AM

If you are an IT Professional, sending employees home for a few weeks might make you think you finally have time to finish all those projects you simply haven’t had time for (because you are always busy helping someone). However, there’s a lot that you need to plan for with a remote work model. Now, more than ever, companies must prioritize security of their remote workers, due to the ever-changing cybercriminal landscape we’re seeing today. Us folks in the IT industry have a saying: it’s not if something will go wrong, it’s when. Are you preparing for the “when”?

5 Ways IT Can Improve Security

  1. Use Local Encryption on laptops and for cellphones employ MDM (Mobile Device Management) with remote wipe capabilities, which is a safeguard if the device is lost or stolen.cyber_crime_2013
  2. Enable MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) where appropriate, especially for remote connectivity. Set it to expire after the workday is complete (4-8 hours).
  3. Review your endpoint security tools and make sure they are up-to-date. Enable remote monitoring for all devices.
  4. Ensure Local Admin accounts are known on all devices, with strong and secure passwords.
  5. Provide tools that allow secure internal and external file sharing, like DropBox, OneDrive, Box, etc.

Vista Can Help Companies Stay Secure Too
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Still Not Convinced?
Still skeptical about whether cybercriminals are something you should be preparing for? Check out this article from one of our security partners:

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