Vista IT Group Launches Nationwide Hardware and Infrastructure Support Offering

Posted by Vista IT Group on Jan 10, 2019 9:02:48 AM

Today, Vista IT Group announced Vanguard, a customizable service program featuring an a la’ carte approach to hardware maintenance and operational support. This new nationwide offering allows companies to consolidate data center support regardless of the equipment manufacturer, age, or origin.

Vanguard tiers basic troubleshooting and on-site warranty repair with higher level support that covers routine and critical firmware updates, patches, and collaborative third-party support.  Vista Customers can pick and choose from these hardware warranty options and collaborative support offerings:

  • Free Standard Lifetime Warranty comes with all hardware purchased from Vista
  • Foundation Warranty includes a Dedicated Technician as well as On-Site Support & Repair on a national level
  • Enhanced Support provides collaborative services so that customers can work with a single point of contact when troubleshooting issues related to hardware, operating systems, and hypervisors
  • Premium Support features both collaborative and proactive services (like periodic health checks and firmware updates) as well as a dedicated Technical Services Manager

Vista has been working with a select group of customers to refine our processes prior to launching Vanguard nationally. “One of the things we heard time and time again from our test group was how much they liked our engagement process,” Says Rob Rowe, Vista’s Director of Professional Services. “Specifically, they appreciated being able to work with the engineer who actually built their system. We make a point to have one engineer work with the same customer whenever possible. We found that assigning someone who is already familiar with their equipment and environment resulted in a dramatically reduced time-to-resolution.”  Over time Vista engineers often develop an intimate knowledge of a customer’s environment and configuration preferences.  This level of experience enables the engineer to either quickly remediate the issue or dispatch needed parts to meet up with in-territory service technicians.  When asked for feedback, a Vanguard customer summarized the experience this way, “The most frustrating thing about IT support today is logging service calls with the manufacturer and working through their escalation procedures. We didn’t have to go through any of that with Vista.”

One of more flexible attributes of Vista’s Vanguard Warranty and Support Services is that it can be extended to cover assets customers already own.  That is regardless of age, manufacturer or generation or where the assets were purchased. Traditionally, extended warranties and support can be added only with the initial hardware purchase or manufacturers charge exorbitant fees to support legacy assets. “A truly unique feature of our Vanguard Warranty and Support is that your hardware support costs won’t increase as your assets go through their normal lifecycles,” says Jeff Stevens, Vista’s President and CEO.  This is because Vista bases Vanguard support costs on the Fair Market Value of the covered assets.

Vanguard is available for less than half of what manufacturers or third-party maintenance companies charge.  It is Vista’s unique engagement model that makes these savings possible, all while offering a highly personalized approach to critical support of data center infrastructure.

Vista IT Group also offers optional hybrid offerings for any hardware maintenance and support strategy. Depending on the assets, location, and support preferences, we easily integrate our Vanguard offerings with comparable OEM or third-party offerings.  All covered assets are organized, co-termed, tracked, and monitored, while upcoming renewals are audited and pro-actively priced through our Renewals Desk.

To learn more about Vista Vanguard's support offerings, contact us today.

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